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Gambrinus Rosso 2017

Le Coste - Clémentine Bouveron & Gian Marco Antonuzi
Tinto - Lazio

Natural Biodynamic No sulfits Unfiltered

GAMBRINUS 2017, is a pure aleatico, coming from “Le Coste” gobelet/alberello vines. After 7 years from its first release, 2010, in a vintage completely opposite to the previous one, without forcing it in search of something unique, circumstances arose for a unique wine to be produces, with unique and different characteristics from those that generally occur with Alea Jacta Est.

Gambrinus 2010 was characterized by being born spontaneously in a strange year where, frankly, not reaching the desired maturity,  harvested the aleatico out of desperation at the end of September, putting then the whole grapes in a vat, letting the wine make itself. In 2017, however, the strong heat and drought created stress in the vineyards and in this case also the maturity was slow to arrive.

After three months of carbonic maceration, pressed it and then put it in 500-liter barrels to finish the fermentation and refine for three years. After this time, the wine has reached its harmony and we have found in the latter a common thread with the previous one: when man is left to watch nature he is able to transform things in a truly exceptional way.

Variedades de uva
Vino di Tavola
0,75 L
Número do artigo:LC-GB-2020


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